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Ci perdonerete la non traduzione di questo magnifico pezzo di Yazmin, i motivi sono svariati e primo tra tutti è il non poter accedere agilmente alla terrazza del Met’s! Argh , noi tapine.

Se siete tra i fortunati che andranno a NYC in vacanza, prendete appunti.

Noi ci congediamo da voi fino a fino Agosto, ma le repliche non mancheranno.

#funkymamasrewind mood:ON.

Vi lasciamo alla nostra New Yorker d’eccellenza.


It’s hot, it’s humid, it’s summer time!

Nothing spells summer better than NYC’s rooftop terraces. They have been around for decades, but this new generation of heavenly bars are here to stay… and for a reason.

Combining incredible views with gorgeous people has always been a recipe for success but when it comes to NYC rooftops , they have managed to reinvent the formula… from perfectly orchestrated daily pool parties at the Le Bain in the Standard Hotel to the world’s most culturally conscious at the Met’s roof, new yorkers have seen it all. Not willing to let my husband brag about his single days, I decided to embark on a research project to the hottest spots of Manhattans nighlife. These are my findings.

Friday 10pm: Dressed to impress -or so I thought- I head in to the Standard hotel rooftop terrace with my single friend. My ambassador to freedom. As expected, an age appropriate crowd 35-40, mostly after work folks looking to unwind, not satisfied with two cocktails looking for some end of work week action. As the nigth grew older, you could feel the crowd shedding the years, becoming consistently 20’s with an even younger line outside. Almost giving in to my years of being a mommy and about to go home, I noticed a pool and a swimsuits vending machine... challenged by my fear of colds I decided to get wet at 1 am… 40 minutes later and  two handsome 20 something that looked like fitness models hitting on me, I called it a night  feeling 10 years younger… I had a great time but was happy to live another day.


Saturday 6pm:  Dressed in a frisky summer dress, cool as the breeze but warm enough to melt away the crowd. Not wanting to send my husband into a heart attack, I decided to enlist the company of my close friend and fashionista totale Rodrigo Padilla. He is the hottest trend setter when it comes to hair styling. When not booked for entire weeks by stars, you can find him beautifying us mere mortals at Sally Hersberger Downtown salon in the Meat Packing District. Fancy, fancy, fancy.

We walked in to find a fresh mix of intellectuals, wannabe models and chick families. The space more akin to a Museum than a bar, and more to a bar than a rooftop terrace is  also welcoming of tourists not looking for a wild night out but great night (or afternoon). The place reminds me of a fancy playground. These days you can find Tomás Saraceno’s “Cloud City” a constellation of large, interconnected modules constructed with transparent and reflective materials for the Met’s Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden… and best of all, you don’t have to go back to your hotel or apt to get ready, you can just go straight from the park, or Soho.


At then end of the day, I realized what made them special. It was not the music, the drinks or the people, it was the skyline. Because there is no better way to end the long days of summer than sharing the view, in the city that never sleeps.

New York, New York