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This is our firs post in english, the last one maybe! We decided to feature this interview on the blog keeping the “original” language for two reasons: giving everyone the possibility to enjoy better the answer Ceyda gave us (super inspiring!)and letting the foreing and lovely people which sometimes jump in our page to stay for a while meeting up this wonderful lady.

Ceyda is a powerful woman we meet by the internet before summer, she’s a mom, and artist, she loves her job she started many time ago and the ancient know how of the handcrafted jewelery art. What impressed us so much is her willing to use just “free conflict” stone and of course the simple and joyful shapes of her line. Last but not least she’s the mother of twins!

So folks, we’re pleased to introduce you JADA  Ceyda’s fine jewels creature.

Ceyda I’m very please to meet you! Even in a virtual way. Let’s start  with this interview for Le Funky Mamas.

Your’re a woman, a wife, mother of twins, a creative mind and a  manager. I can’t define you a funky mama, you’re a step beyond! Do you have any super power maybe?

Not really but I have a lot of energy and I have to make sure that I use it for  good cause and be productive and to be happy and that is my biggest drive in life. I have always done few things together at a time and I do enjoy multi tasking so I guess this is the reason why I challenge  myself to be a wife, mother and business women at the same time. To be perfectly honest I struggle at times to carry all the responsibilities but then I get to realise that this is my way of living life at full

 Reading your biography I’ve discover a real “cosmopolitan” attitude but your grassroots are deeply into the tradition. How it’s possible to find a link between the past and the 2.0 world where everythng is so fast?

 I am quite traditional in many ways but I also adapt quite quickly to new situations, places, roles… I come from a very traditional family; my parents raised me and my brother in a very strict traditional way but also gave us opportunities to explore the world, to travel, to learn languages. I have travelled a lot, lived in different countries and met amazing people. The combination of my traditional background and my hunger to learn and travel made me who I am today. I still live quite a traditional life but my hunger to learn keeps me connected to the world and everything that is new. I feel it’s my responsibility to stay connected and follow what’s going on in this world and to be able to be a good parent as well as a fulfilled individual/wife/businesswoman.  I wish to be able to talk to my kids and keep up a good conversation when it comes to the new gadgets, music and trends while they grow up.

Where did the idea of JADA come from? Can you tell us a brief story? I’ve  the suspect that your little ones have a big part in this story.

 Yes the birth of my twins has been the biggest driver behind JADA.

After being in the corporate world for 12 years I realised that my job commitments wouldn’t allow me to spend quality time with my children and I had to sacrifice a lot either at work or at home. I had to create a new life where I could still work, be productive but also have enough time, quality time with my children. Then I had this idea of making my passion for jewellery to become my business and I have decided to invest my savings into a new business and set up my company. I wanted to manage my own calendar and be able to arrange my work commitments around the children’s routine. It has been difficult and still is but it gives me the freedom to manage my time.  The children play also a big part in my designs. The apple and pear from my Changa collections are their favourite fruits. The entire Zea collection, the circle, teardrop and oval shaped bracelets and rings have been created after spending endless hours playing shape sorter toys with my twins…

 I totally hearth the choice you’ve done to be ethic in your business.  All the stones used for your jewels are “conflict free” that means extra research in raw materials. Can you describe the difference between “regular” stones and “conflict” free? I think this is important to be highlighted.

 I make sure that the stones used on my designs come from ethical sources. My buyer is very sensitive about the topic and I love her for that. She has studied gemology and is the expert in this arena

 All your jewels are handcrafted; it’s so fascinating and hard at the same time. Do you think the handmade jobs are going to be vanishing among the young generations?

 Unfortunately yes if we don’t make an effort to save them. I work with 3 workshops where generation after generation comes in to create amazing beautiful jewellery. They are born talented, self educated in most cases and their families are working really hard to keep the tradition going. I feel very lucky that I can create an opportunity for them to share their talent through my designs with the world

 What does glamour mean for you? It’s an extra valued word sometimes, but it exists and has to be used. Let us know your point of view.

Glamour is a combination of charm and good, outstanding, interesting looks in my book. It means someone or something has a magic spell. It doesn’t matter what it is but it looks attractive and fascinating and well put together. 

 Being a mother nowadays means you are faced with great challenges. How is your attitude? I know it’s not a simple question, but as you’re a mother who has decided to follow her dreams the troubles can be double. We’ve founded Le Funky Mamas to give a multitasking view of maternity and you’re really close to us in many ways, that’s why I’m asking your point of view.

 I love being a mother and I love my children dearly but they don’t define who I am and what I do. I think we can be a mother and also have other roles in the society we live in these days. As long as we can manage our time and prioritise efficiently I am a firm believer that we can carry more than one hat successfully. A woman can be a mother, wife and a business woman no doubt. It’s a choice people make, I respect full time mother’s as much as full time working mothers. Life is what we make out of it

 Can you tell us the next step of JADA? How’s the future?

 We are working hard to launch my web site soon, it will also become JADA e-boutique www.byjada.com where everyone can come and treat themselves to some nice jewellery.