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Laura è una nostra cara amica che vive in Germania.
Ecco il suo personale contributo sulla sua esperienza di Yoga col suo piccolo gremlins attorno: enjoy!

I´ve practiced Yoga since before getting pregnant and I continued until a couple of days before giving birth to my son. I truly believe that this helped me to get back to my normal self after his birth much quicker and made my pregnancy easier. I´m not a spiritual person and never really liked the spiritual part of Yoga. Well, I like the relaxation in the end – but singing songs in Indian? With a yoga teacher who is obviously not from India but a little town in Germany´s boondocks? Hmmm. This always reminds me of those Chinese tattoos people had made in the 90ies without having even the faintest idea what they were getting tattooed on.

When feeling the need of moving my softened body after giving birth I found several sport offers for moms with their babies here in Munich and was really considering something called “buggyfit”. But running around in Munich´s parks with 15 mums with buggies and stretching on park benches and so on? Well- being a mother I transformed to something like a grown up, even wearing a helmet when riding my bike (really!!!) and other “reasonable” things BUT doing a sportstrail with 15 mums and babies. Hmmm. I´d point my finger on a bunch like that passing by…

So it´s yoga behind closed doors.

It works! You take all the usual equipment and a mat and place the baby in front of you on a blanket with a couple of toys.  My yoga teacher said mummy baby yoga is the hardest lesson they offer in the studio and it is closest to the original yoga doctrine, because you have to accept the situation you´re in. Sometimes it’s a real workout and sometimes you have to play with your child or breast feed while the group is doing your favourite thing. But you have to take it as a yogi. Ommmmmmmmmm. In the end when everyone is meant to relax and your child cries and you do what you always do- carry him around- they call it a walking meditation. Ha!

Most babies are happy during the lesson and I believe it´s because they can feel that their mother is feeling good. It´s one of the only places the babies can make as much noise as they want. After the lesson, whether your baby had allowed you to seriously exercise, or  whether you had to play and carry it around,  you do feel  better…