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Let the smileriot begin!

Nowadays we think it’s not easy to smile and probably some of us avoid it because they don’t care too much. Sometimes it’s only facial muscles involvement or, worst, typing emoticons on a screen: it’s sad to say that somebody can hide negative aims and bad feelings behind such a positive gesture, but it happens more than once.

Hard times for us since we feel that people tend to keep being careless about life in general, without giving attention to  “The God of Small Things”.
Yet, we still believe that sometimes smart and nice persons look for each others and succeed in finding themselves: they know how to act in a way that could seem meaningless but that instead can light our days up. In these occasions our souls smile, rejoyce and leap up: we can feel precious vibrations in our belly, some kind of remote feelings, that every one of us had the chance to experience once in a lifetime.

Being a mommy means for us to know how to approach this kind of ancestral smile everyday, feeling it like an important part of our new role as mothers in the world: this vision reminds us in every moment those unreserved gestures and deep faith that our children build on us. This is something that bright up the whole world, even though we are mostly unaware of it.

That’s why we have decided to promote the power of smile and love, without looking for a Sailor Moon costume to wear! #Smileriot is a revolution that starts changing small things to maybe get a bigger and whole transformation.
A smile can change a micro second of your life or the whole existence of somebody else: a smile is a dangerous weapon that tends to infect your neighbour, something really simple and extremely difficult at the same time.

What does #smileriot stand for? It’s everything that can be exciting or can move you in a sprightly way. It’s a stranger on the street that waves you “Good Morning!” and means it for real, or the wonderful creations of a great artist. #Smileriot can be found in things, acts, flairs, mails, books, people…everywhere.

So what? It’s time to spread the word, let the riot begin! Help us to promote these two simple words, help us make them travel fast and far, but most of all make them yours.
Let us know what #smileriot means to you on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter, write this hashtag or tag us, or write it somewhere so you can read it everyday when you get off of your bed.
Anyway and everywhere #smileriot : life is already complicated, if we manage to simplify it we can only enjoy it better.
We will reveal a secret project very soon: something that will travel the world and that will carry a #smileriot  for more than only one good reason.Spread the word folks! #smileriot everywhere.

Marta and Ale from Cambiandostrada